Friday, March 2, 2018

Palm Beach Modern 6

Antonio Cavalieri.  "Pipeline #10."  Stainless Steel.  Argentina.

Alberto Cavalieri.  "Pipeline #10."  Stainless Steel.  Argentina.

Rafael Barrios.  "Red Lightning."  Steel.  It's a flat sheet.  Venezuela.  Op Art.

"Red Lightning" from side.  Op Art.

Gallery filled with Op Art / Retinal Art pieces from Venezuela.

Victor Vasarely.  "Sende."  Hungarian / French.  Op Art.

Desire, Obtain, Cherish.  "Two Lollipops."  Polyurethane.
Jonathan Paul, Los Angles.

Desire, Obtain, Cherish.  (Jonathan Paul).  "Lollipops."  Los Angeles.

Ms Chie Hitotsuyama.  "Monkeys."    Rolled up newspaper.  Japan.
Her grandfather owned a paper manufacturing plant.  As a child, she played with
stacks of old newsprint and made things.

Ms Chie Hitotsuyama.  "Two Monkeys."  Pieces of rolled up old newspapers.  Japan.

Roy Lichtenstein.  "Crash."  U.S.  Pop Art.

Victor Vasarely.  "Aleena."  Hungarian / French.  Op Art.

Norman Mooney.  "Butterfly Effect."  Apple plywood.

Norman Mooney.  "Butterfly Effect."  Stainless Steel.

Sophie Ryder.  "Hugging."  Bronze.  England.

Frank Stella.  "Scarlatti Sonata #126."  Steel.  U.S.

Milton Avery.  "Still Life with Guitar."  U.S.

Friedl Dzubas.  "Ute."  German / U.S.

Fernand Leger.  "Acrobats."  Glazed earthenware. French.

Tom Wesselmann.  "Still Life."  Silkscreen.  U.S.  Pop Art.

Marc Chagall.  "Village Dancers."  Franco - Russian.

Wolf Kahn.  "Forest."  U.S.

Vertu Gallery.  Raymond Hendler painting in center.

Niloufar Banisadr.  "My Travels - Persia."  Iran / French.  Photo.
She comments on the roles of women, the East vs the West.
She portrays herself with a veil, but also a bare midriff.  She looks
out openly like a Western women, but her face is overlain with images
of ancient stone reliefs from the Persian city of Persepolis.
She has the ancient horns of divinity, but 20th century sexuality.

Niloufar Banisadr.  "Three Photos."  Iranian/French.  Photos.  She works in Paris.

Peter Anton.  "Donuts" and "Box of Candy."  Mixed media.  Connecticut.

Peter Anton.  "Donuts" and "Smashed Cherry Piece."  Mixed media.  U.S.

Desire, Obtain, Cherich.  "Designer Drugs."  U.S.  Mixed media.  4x8 feet.
Jonathan Paul  comments on American fascination with brand names and
also drugs.

Carlos Cruz-Diez.  "Physiochromie."  Venezuela.  Alum strips.
The background is pained and each strip is painted on both sides, so as a viewer walks by,
you see a painting in three different colors.

Carlos Rolon.   "Bahamian Love Song."  Puerto Rico.

Carlos Rolon.  "Frangipani."  Puerto Rico.

Mr. Brainwash.  "Picasso."  Los Angeles.
Thierry Guetta was born in France but works in L.A.

Wifredo Lam.   "Three Birds."  Cuba.  Surrealism.

Alfredo Sosabravo.  "Dancers."  Cuba.

Diadji Diop.  "Two Men."   Senegal / Paris.

Cundo Bermudez.  "Vase with Flowers."  Cuba.

Raoul Diaz.  "Apitando."  Bronze.  Argentina.

Shepard Fairey.  "Four Posters."  Graffiti Art.  U.S.

Arnaldo Pomodoro.  "Shattered Column."  Bronze.  Italy.

Jesus Rafael Soto.  "Untitled."  Venezuela.  Wires and paint.  Op Art.
As you walk by, the wires seem to vibrate before the painted lines in back.


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