Thursday, February 21, 2013


My  Begonia  Garden


If I had a garden today, I would have hanging baskets
and planters of tuberous begonias.
Begonias come in many varieties, from the small Wax Begonias found in yards
 all over America, to the newer varieties like Rieger Begonias, and then
the magnificent tuberous begonias shown here.  I have found some of the
most beautiful tuberous begonias in great hanging baskets at the Montreal
 Botanic Gardens and others in Philadelphia and Chicago.
( I did not take all of these photos; some are from the internet. )

Canary Song

Cinnamon Tang
Bridal Bouquet
Pink Petticoats

Miss Polly
Orange Popsicle
Orange Rustle
 Spanish Senorita

Princes Kate




Red  Passion

Touch of Pink

Strawberries and Cream

Blushing  Bride

Snail Shell Tuberous Begonia Leaves


Mr. Pumpkin

Peppermint  Patty


Snow  White

Infanta  Christina



I hope you have enjoyed this stroll through my Virtual Begonia Garden.

John B