Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ginter Gardens in April 2014

Lewis Ginter Gardens are the botanic gardens of Richmond, Virginia.  They are located
about five miles to the northwest of the city and are some of the most beautiful in the U.S.
We visited on a sunny day in April as all the spring flowers were blooming.
These are some of the pictures I took.

The tallest flowers are frittaria /Crown Imperial, and then there are the various shades
of orange tulips.  At Ginter, they do not leave the soil bare below tall flowers, but they cover it with violas, here in yellow and white.  I like that.

The entrance to the Gardens had masses of daffodils, tulips, and peach hyacinths.

Beautiful white daffodils with yellow throats.  This is what Spring should look like.

Double white daffodils with peach throats.  Daffodils come in an amazing variety of
color combinations these days.

Pink hyacinths and yellow violas.

Just behind the Entrance Building is the wishing well and pots of various colored tulips.

An urn filled with Easter Eggs Tulips.

A pot of Dutch Painter Tulips and Orange Taper Tulips.

A mixture of orange and red tulips and yellow and white violas.

In the Cobblestone Courtyard were purple and white tulips and blue violas.

Purple and white tulips and variegated blue violas.

Pale Blue Poppy Anemones

Pale pink Poppy Anemones.

Bright Pink Poppy Anemones

Clusters of White Viburnum on a bush outside the Education Building.

Blue and lavender violas and white daffodils along the path.

Cream colored Parrot Tulips (with fringed petals) and yellow and white violas.

Yellow and white tulip bed with yellow and copper colored violas.

There are acres of beds of flowers and each has a different color theme.  This bed has Double 
Yellow Tulips with White and Copper Violas.  "Double" tulips have twice as many and 
more petals than a normal tulip.

Very large double Exotic Emperor white tulip.

Two very large double yellow Exotic Emperor Tulips.

A new hybrid magnolia.

Exochorda / Excordia / Pearl Bush.  This is often used in bridal bouquets because the
flowers are borne on long green flexible branches.

Close-up of Exochorda

Aruba - a new variety of yellow and red tulip.

 A bed of yellow and copper violas.

Pink Tulips with variegated leaves and blue violas in the Garden of Love.

Orange Violas

A mixture of darker colors; very dark purple tulips and violas.

Double Orange Tulip

Double yellow Exotic Emperor Tulips and Snow White Hyacinths,
with a wonderful aroma.

Red tulips with striped leaves and white pansies.

There is a grove of camellia bushes in the Gardens; this is the pink camellia.

A bed of mixed tulips and daffodils.

White Parrot Tulip and yellow violas.

Dark purple and yellow tulips.

Exotic Emperor double white tulips

py Ane

Inside the conservatory there is a large collection of orchids.


I hope you have enjoyed this virtual visit to the Lewis Ginter Gardens in Richmond.