Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Dale  Chihuly
Dale Chihuly is the most famous glass artist in the world today, with his workshop
in Seattle, WA.  He has many assistants who work with him.  These days he usually
presents one or two shows each year in museums or botanical gardens.  His art does
not consist of single pieces, although he also makes these, but of incredible
assemblages of hundreds of pieces.  The photo above is a close-up of part of a
piece entitled "Mille Fiori," a very old name for a special kind of blown glass.
All of these pieces were individually hand-blown from molten glass gathered in a
blob/gather and then blown into and enlarged.

 The entire piece looks like this.  The pieces are placed on a base of sheets of black glass
which reflects like a mirror.  This is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal.  He uses Reeds
and Herons and Floats and Cacti and Persians from other pieces.
 This is a small portion of "Mille Fiori."  The striated pieces are made by pulling
the molten glass through steel molds.

The piece is different every step you take as you walk around it.
"Yellow  Persians"  and  "Red  Reeds"  at one end.
"Mille  Fiori"  with  Herons  and  Floats.
"Fiori Boat" with long tendrils from fiori series.
"Fiori Boat" and "Float"
"Float Boat" based on round forms of Japanese fishing floats.
"Float Boat"

"Palazzo Ducale"   White Tower
Detail of  "Palazzo Ducale"  White Tower

Blue Chandelier
Detail  of  Blue  Chandelier
Blue Chandelier detail
Green  Chandelier
Detail  of  Green  Chandelier
Orange  Hornet  Chandelier
Ruby  Red  Pineapple  Chandelier
Macchia  Forest
Macchia  Bowl

Macchia  Forest
Macchia  Pink 
Macchia  Yellow 
Macchia  Forest
"The Sun" in front of museum in Montreal. 
"The Sun"  at night.

Turquoise  Reeds 
Persian Walls  and  Turquoise  Reeds
"Lavender  Reeds,"  from  the  San  Francisco  show I saw.
Glass  Forest
If you fill glass tubes with different gases and then run an electric current
through them, you create different colors of neon light.
Glass  Forest  of  Neon
Persian  Ceiling - there were mats lying on the floor so you could lie down
and look up and enjoy the ceiling.
__Persian  Ceiling__