Friday, April 12, 2013


My  Hydrangea  Garden

Southern Belle
If I had a garden today, I would have a large number of hydrangeas along the back
of the flower beds.  Hydrangeas grow so easily and bloom so profusely from early
spring to late fall that they are almost the perfect flowering bush.  And you can keep
them, dry all winter in bouquets in your house.  They are native to Southeast Asia
and the Americas, and today there are hundreds of varieties.  Basically, they are
either "mopheads" or "lacecaps", depending on how dense the cluster of flowers is.
Here are some varieties I would choose.  Many of the photos I took at the
Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago which specializes in hydangeas; some of
the others are taken from the web.
Blue bushes by the front door.
Lacecap Hydrangeas
Annabelle Lee
Paniculata Variety - "Vanilla and Strawberry"

Lucy  Lavender

Ice Blue Bells

Arctic Delight
Molly  Magenta

Crown  Imperial

Hedge of Delft Blue

Miss America

Soft  Wonder

 St. Lucy Lacecap
 Betsy Blue Bonnet


Icy Wonder

Rose Delight

Crown Imperial

Everlasting   Amethyst

Pinky Winky  Paniculata

Crown Princess Matilda

My Blue Heaven   closeup


Miss Myrtle

Raspberries and Cream

Grandma's  Passion



Mistress  Melinda

Blue Curlilocks

Red Curlilocks

Angels' Parasol Pink


I hope you have enjoyed this walk through the virtual hydrangea garden.

John B