Thursday, October 8, 2015


Florence  Fitz

Peonies are some of the largest and most beautiful and luscious of all flowers.
They need a cold winter to rest, but then they reward you with innumerable
gorgeous blossoms.  The earliest open by Mother's Day, and by Memorial Day
they are all in bloom, and they flourish until late June unless heavy rains
crush them.  Flowers are 6 - 8 inches in diameter.


I had beautiful beds of cream, pink, and magenta peonies in my yard, and my neighbors
 all over town in Wisconsin had many bushes.  Some of the most unusual were in the
gardens of the mansions along Summit Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Abalone Pearl Apricot

Most of these pictures were taken in Western Wisconsin and in the beautiful gardens
of the mansions on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Elise N

Bushes of peonies in bloom.

Cora Stubbs

Age of Gold

Pink Hawaiian Coral


Bush of Jade Red Peonies

Orange Tree Peony

Yellow Tree Peony


Carmine Rosa


Edith Piaf

"Center Stage" Tree Peony

Black Lotus

White Festiva Bush

Pink Parfait

"Gay Paree" Bush

Taste of Apricot

Jackie O

Love's Delight

Miss Polly

Dream Cloud

Crown Imperial


Lavender  Lady

Pink Petticoats

I hope you have enjoyed this stroll through the Virtual Peony Garden.