Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Washington Spring Flowers

Washington in the Springtime is one of the prettiest and most colorful cities in the world.
In addition to the cherry blossoms, there are flowering pears and apples and peaches and
quince.  And there are daffodils and tulips everywhere.  I especially liked to walk
around the Dupont Circle Area and along Connecticut Avenue up through
Embassy Row.  Many houses have large flower gardens in front.

Daffodils come in many colors and combinations of colors in petals and trumpets,
frilled or straight.

Pair of beautiful pale lemon yellow daffodils.
Washingtonians like to sit on their front steps on a sunny Spring Sunday.  They often
enjoy a glass of wine.  And when I would admire their flowers, I would be invited
to share some of the wine.  Lovely spring mornings.

White Daffodils with Cream Trumpet Throats

White Daffodils with Yellow Trumpet Throats

Bunches of "Soestdijk" Daffodils

Three "Soestdijk" Daffodils.
Many years ago, when I first traveled in Europe, by bicycle, we rode (by accident)
up to Soestdijk Palace, which is the country residence of the Dutch royal family.
We were gently asked to leave, so we rode out.

Yellow daffodils with frilled orange trumpets.

"Magna" Daffodil

Double Yellow Daffodil.
There are many more petals in the center.

Double  "Margarita" Daffodils

Whie and Cream Daffodils

A trio of colorful dafffodils.  The center one has a small throat rather than
a large trumpet.

Yellow "Apeldoorn" Tulips.
Tulips come in every color, single or double, mixed colors, different sizes.
Some bloom early, some mid-season, and some are late, so you can have tulips
blooming for a long time in your yard.

"Crescenzia" Cream Tulips

"Butter Crisp" Yellow Tulips with Cream Pansies.

"Crescenzia Tulips" later in the day.  In the early morning, they are nearly closed,
and as the day gets warmer and the light brighter, they open more and more.

Pink "Matilda" Tulips

A very pale "Blushing Bride" Tulip

These are early blooming "Gold Star" tulips.  In general, the early tulips have short
stems, and the late blooming tulips have very tall stems.

"Gold Star" Tulips with short stems.

"Infinity Pink" Tulips.  They have slight variations in color, and each flower is

"Infinity Pink" and "Infinity Red" Tulips

"Infinity Pink" Tulip

Blue and White Striped Hyacinth

"Delft Blue" Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinths and "Dazzling White Hyacinths"

"Pink Pearl Hyacinth"
All of these hyacinths have lovely aromas.

"Baby Blue" and "Delft Blue" Grape Hyacinths

"Tangerine" Tulips with unusual striped leaves.

Mixture of "Infinity Pink" and "Infinity Red" Tulips

Blue Hyacinths with Purple and Yellow Pansies
These were in a courtyard of the Smithsonian.

On Sunday mornings, I always go to the wonderful Farmers Market at Dupont Circle.
All the vendors must raise their own products and within 100 miles of Washington.
They bring huge tubs of fresh tulips, like these, and home-made cheeses, many
fresh flowers, pastries, fruit and vegetables, and preserves.
It is a fantastic resource for those living in the neighborhood.  Every Sunday.

A tub of fresh yellow tulips, cut early this morning.

Red "Matador" Tulips, seen from above.

Red "Matador" Tulips, seen from the side.

Tulips, pansies, and grape hyacinths.

"Easter Egg" Tulips

Camellias" grow on bushes all over.

White "Agnes" Camellia

White "Flora" Camellia
The leaves are shiny and stiff.

Pale Pink Camellia

"Star Magnolia" Tree along Embassy Row.
There are many colors, sizes, and forms of magnolias.

The blossoms of the "Star Magnolia" look like stars with many points.

"Star Magnolia Blossoms" - these are big, 6-8 inches across

Early Pink Rose


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Cherry Blossom Time

It's Flowering Cherry Tree Time in Washington, D.C., the first weekend in April.
These are some pictures I took a couple of years ago, but the trees are in bloom today.
This is the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial, and hundreds of flowering cherry trees
are planted all around the Basin.

There are several different kinds of cherry trees, in pink and white, single and double.

Each step that you take begs for a photo.  The walking path goes all around the Basin.

They purposely allow the branches to drape over the water.

These are Double White Blossoming Cherry trees.

Pink Trees are around the pond across the road.

There are flowering cherry trees all over town; it is like walking through clouds of petals.
This is a Pink Weeping Cherry by the Sackler Museum, a couple of blocks away.

Branches on a White Flowering Cherry Tree

Double Pink Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Another large collection of flowering trees is out at Dumbarton Oaks, once a private residence
but now  national park and garden and museum.  These are Flowering Crabapples.
Just take the bus up Wisconsin Avenue and hop off at Dumbarton Oaks on the way up
to the National Cathedral.

View from the terrace at Dumbarton Oaks, White Flowering Cherries and
Pink Flowering Crabapples.

Large old white Flowering Cherry Trees at Dumbarton Oaks

Weeping Pink Flowering Cherry Tree in Chinese Garden

Allee of Pink Flowering Cherrry Trees at Dumbarton Oaks

National Cathedral in Washington is high on a hill, and alongside it is the "Bishop's Garden."
It is filled with wonderful flowers and trees at all times of the year.  Here is the
Weeping Pink Flowering Cherry.

A branch of White Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Brilliant Yellow Forsythia bushes are all over town.

Yellow Forsythia.  Dumbarton Oaks has an entire hillside covered with them.

Forsythia Bush on the hillside at Dumbarton Oaks

Magnolia Trees are in bloom all over Washington .

The National Airport in Washington has hundreds of magnolia trees; they are always the
first things I see when I land and walk to the metro station.

Branches of Magnolia blossoms.  They are thick and luscious, as if carved out of wax.

Magnolia tree by my hotel.

Branch of Magnolia blossoms

Pink Magnolia Tree at airport

Washington also has the best pansies in the world, planted all over town.
Some are planted in the fall and start growing and blooming through the snow.
Other are planted in the spring.  The airport has millions.

Dusty Rose Pansies

"Melissa" Multi-colored Panies

"Evelyn" Pink and Purple Pansy

"Fiona" Cream Pansies

Blue and White Pansies.  Front yards of private houses near my hotel were filled
with pansies of every color.  Walking around the neighborhood was always a delight.

"St. Francis Pansy"

"Inca Gold Pansies"

"Inca Gold Pansies"

"Princess Margaret Pansies" at Dupont Circle

Masses of blue and yellow pansies at the airport

White Scilla

Blue Scilla

Double White Flowering Cherry at Scott Circle

Just thinking - I ought to be in Washington right now.