Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Spring Flowers in Chicago 2018

The Sensory Garden is laid out on raised beds along a path which encircled a hill.
This was filled with massive collections of brilliantly colored tulips right now;
in the fall it will be filled with chrysanthemums.

Blue pansies, red and white tulips and purple stock.

Orange and white tulips.

Blue Pansies, purple stock, red tulips, and white tulips.

A variety of tulips.

Blue poppy anemones, purple, yellow, red, and orange tulips.

Left deep purple primrose, right blue poppy anemones, Helmar Triumph Tulips.

Helmar Triumph Tulips

Orange primroses and wallflowers; red, yellow, and purple tulips.

"Mona Lisa" Poppy Anemones, wine color.

"Masquerade "Deep Purple Double Tulips, "Clara" purple and white tulips,
"Fringed Fancy" Pink Tulips.

"Fringed Fancy" Tulips

"Clara" Tulips and Purple Stock

Purple Stock and "Fringed Fancy" Tulips

Tulips and Stock

"Helmar Triumph Tulips" and more.

Orange Pot Marigolds, Blue Pansies, red, white, and orange Triumph tulips.

A planter with purple ranunculus and "Spring Delight" tulips.

Purple and blue lupine near the lake

The English Walled Garden with flowering crabapple.

Blue and White Oesteospermum and Orange Bidens.

View of part of the English Walled Garden

Yellow Lupine

"Red Popsicle" Lupine

"Golden Yellow Ranunculus" in a planter.

Icelandic Poppies.

"The Hillside" this spring was covered with 2500 Icelandic poppies, whose bulbs
were planted last fall by volunteers.  We had never seen them so numerous and colorful,
and every one was at peak bloom.

Hillside of Icelandic Poppies

Icelandic Poppies - stand on high stems as thin as a wire.

Orange Icelandic Poppies

Red-Orange Icelandic Poppies

Flowering crabapples line the shore all around the lake.

On one side, near the Icelandic Poppies, two rows are planted to create a tunnel of
white blossoms.

The path under the white flowering crabapple trees.

Blue Delphinium

Harmony Blue Poppy Anemones

Five types of white flowers fill the beds around the "Pavilion," where wedding
receptions take place.  Double White Tulips, White Taper Tulips, Frilled White Tulips,
Mount Tacoma Single White Tulips, and White Pansies.

"Sorbet" Violas.  This is a new variety, which will not go on sale until next year, when
they will have enough seeds available.

"Indigo Blue Forget-Me-Nots."

A border bed by the Rose Garden of "Dream Touch" Double Tulips.

"Dream Touch Double Tulips" in red, orange, and purple, with pale blue pansies.

"Dream Touch Double Purple Tulips."

A visitor along the Woodland Path.
That's a yellow magnolia in back; they are rare.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Chicago Botanic Sp18

The Chicago Botanic Gardens are a joint effort of Cook County and the Chicago
Horticultural Society.  Last fall, volunteers planted 750,000 bulbs for spring flowers,
which are now blooming.  Purple, pink, white, and yellow tulips fill the beds
leading down to the lake.  On the opposite shore is the Vegetable Garden.

Beds of spring tulips overlooking the lake.

Purple, pink, and yellow tulips.

A curving bed of tulips.

Early Yellow Bidens.

Lemon Yellow Toadflax

"Bag of Gold" mustard plant.

"Sizzle Frizzle" Orange Pansies; orange was a popular color this spring.

Flowering Almond

"Dolly" lavender and white Ranunculus / Persian Buttercup.

"Rising Sun" yellow Ranunculus / Persian Buttercups

"Pink of Paris" Ranunculus / Persian Buttercups

Three Ranunculus blossoms / Persian Buttercups

There were about 20 planters like this placed around the water lily ponds.  A number of
volunteers were given about ten different plants and asked to make their own
arrangements.  Orange Pansies, "Fruit Cocktail" Jonquils,
Leaf Lettuce, Blue Daze,  Yellow Toadflax, Deep Yellow Bidens,  Peach Wallflowers,
and little White Bacopa.

A different arrangement in another planter.

A third variation, and we can add Orange Primrose in right-center.

Orange "Costa" Pot Marigolds / Calendula

Orange Pansies and "Costa Orange" Pot Marigolds

A bed of all blue flowers.  The tall ones, which grow to ten feet high, are
"Jewels of Madeira" / Echium.

"Jewels of Madeira" / Echium also come in red and are striking.

An assortment of red and pink lupine.

A planter filled with light blue grape hyacinths.

A planter with two kinds of grape hyacinths and two kinds of purple tulips.

Purple Ranunculus / Persian Buttercups  in a planter.

Blue Pansies at entrance to Azalea Garden.

A lilac colored azalea bush.

Orchid Colored Azaleas.

"Summer Snowflakes"

A blue-and-white striped Bearded Iris, called that because of the three "beards"
or petals which hang down.

The earliest of the peonies, a "Poppy Peony."  Most of the peonies will not bloom
until June.

White Rhododendron

A bed of Double Yellow  "Texas Gold" Tulips, Tall Purple Tulips, and Red English Daisies
marked the entrance to the Aquatic Garden.

The Double Yellow  "Texas Gold" Tulips were very large, perhaps three times the size of a
normal tulip.

Red English Daisies

The entrance to the Vegetable Garden, which is on its own island, was marked
by this bed of "Danceline" double pink tulips, purple primroses, and "Bull's Blood
Beet" plants.  The mixture of vegetables with flowers is very effective.

"Danceline" Pink Tulips, Purple Primrose,  and "Bull's Blood" Beets

"Harmony Blue" Poppy Anemones inside the Aquatic Garden

"Blue Harmony" Poppy Anemones

"Blue Harmony" Poppy Anemone

Amongst tulips, grape hyacinths,  osteospermum, and Persian Buttercups.
You too could have a garden like this on your terrace or deck.
The gardens are meant to show visitors the possibilities they can follow
in their own yards or planters.