Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Idea Beds at Longwood Gardens

Another colorful outdoor area is the "Idea Garden," where new varieties of flowers from
many horticultural producers are planted.  In spring they are all daffodils and tulips,
about 120 plants of each variety, so visitors can see how they would look in their
home gardens.

"Private Eyes" was a red, pink, and white tulip.

Bed of "Private Eyes."

"Dutch Queen" is a variety named in honor of the Queen of Holland, House of Orange.

"Del Piero" was a striking purple and white variety.

"Del Piero Tulips."  I liked them.

"Del Pieros" on a different day, early in the morning.

"Crown of Dynasty" was a lovely pink lily-shaped tulip.

"Peppermint Patty"  red-and-white tulips.

"Golden Tango" was an early, short tulip with variegated leaves, which were
quite unusual.

"Golden Tango" lily-shaped tulips.

A bed of "Golden Tango" tulips.

One of the varieties highlighted this year was "Daydream," which was also
by the entrance.  Large flowers open bright yellow and in succeeding days turn
orange and then deeper orange.

A bed of "Daydream" tulips seen from above.

A bed of "Daydream" Tulips.

"Daydream Tulips" from above.

"Creme Upstar" were large tulips with white and yellow petals.

"Charming Beauty" were large, double, yellow tulips.

"Charming Beauty" double yellow tulips

"Van Eyck" Pink Tulips.

Beds of tulips in the "Idea Gardens."

"World's Favorite" - red tulip edged in yellow

"World's Favorite" Tulips

"Dream Catch Double Purple Tulip"

"Crispion Sweet."  These were one of my favorites.  Flowers are double and frilled, and the
stems are short.  Flowers are white when they open, then gradually become pink over
a few days.  Some open a deeper pink color.

"Crispion Sweet" double frilled pink tulips.

"Crispion Sweet" - double frilled pink tulip

"Rem's Favorite" large pink tulips.

"Yellow Mountain" double yellow tulips.

"Orange Princess" was named in honor of Princess Irene of the Netherlands, who
had stayed in Canada during the Second World War.

"Baronesse" was a lovely Early pink and white tulip with short stem.

"Purissima" was a beautiful large white tulip.

A bed of "Purissima."  Notice how the petals open up in the afternoon sun and warmth.

"Nightshade" Tulips are nice to photograph with the sun shining through them.

"Dainty White" Early Tulips

"Gudoshnik"Tulips were a mixture of red, yellow, and orange.

"Gudoshnik" Tulips

"Marianne" Lily-shaped tulips were a big hit last year and so they planted several beds
again this year.  Variegated, striped leaves are unusual.

A bed of "Marianne" Tulips.

"Marianne" Tulips from above.

"Orange Favourite" double tulips.

"Mariette Pink Tulips"

"Orange Cassini" had a touch of yellow along the edges.

"Galerie" fringed white tulip.

"Galerie" Fringed White Tulips

"Double Negri" dark purple double tulip

"Tequila Sunrise" tulip - yellow edged in red

"Orange Cassini" Tulips in one bed.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Orangery at Longwood

The largest of the greenhouses at Longwood is the Orangery, called that after the 18th
century custom of nobles in France keeping citrus fruit trees in large containers in a special
greenhouse over the winter, to be taken outdoors again the next summer.

Yellow Marguerite Daisies, Deep Blue Campanula/Canterbury Bells, and "Espresso Frappe 
Rose" Petunias and "Conca d'Or" Oriental Lilies in back.

Bismarck Palms, baskets of Blue Cape Primrose, Marguerite Daisies, Conca d'Or
Golden Oriental Lilies

Deep Blue Campanula / Canterbury Bells

The East Aisle with Tivoli Big Leaf Hydrangeas, Lavender Campanula,
and Golden Conca d'Or Oriental Lilies

NE Aisle of Orangery.  Conca d'Or Oriental Lilies and Pink Espresso Frappe Rose Petunias.

Conca d'Or Oriental Lilies and Espresso Frappe Rose Petunias

Conca d'Or Oriental Lilies and Espresso Frappe Rose Petunias

Conca d'Or Oriental Lily

Espresso Frappe Rose Petunias - very low growing ground-cover

Espresso Frappe Rose Petunias

West Aisle with Pink Campanula and Pink Anthuriums

Tivoli Big Leaf Hydrangeas in Pink and White

Tivoli Big Leaf Hydrangeas - very low growing

Lavender Campanula / Canterbury Bells

Lavender Campanula / Canterbury Bells

Tivoli Hydrangeas and Lavender Campanula

West Side of Orangery with Scarlet Azaleas (very low growing) and White
Marguerite Daisies.  Hanging Baskets of Cape Primrose.

NW Aisle with White Marguerite Daisies, Red Scarlet Azaleas, and Pink Campanula

Looking across Western Half of Orangery

White Marguerite Daisies, Scarlet Red Azaleas, Pink Campanula

Pink Campanula and Baskets of Blue Cape Primrose

SW Aisle with "Panola Fire Violas;"  I'd call them pansies.

"Panola Fire Violas" / Pansies

"Panola Fire Violas" / Pansies

Inside Orangery

SE Aisle with baskets of Pansies and down below "Velvet Elvis" Plectranthus

Basket of Blue and Purple Violets / Pansies

"Velvet Elvis" Plectranthus and Bismark Palms

East Center of the Orangery

Pansies and Oriental Lilies

East Center of the Orangery.  "Velvet Elvis" Blue Plectranthus.

White Marguerite Daisies

White Marguerite Daisies

"Pandola"  pink and green Anthuriums

Red Anthurium

Purple   "Utah"  Anthurium

"Lovely Lydia" Spray Roses
One greenhouse is devoted to roses and hibiscus, which are used as cut flowers in the
restaurants and reception rooms.

"Sweet Avalanche" Rose

"Romeo" Chinese Hibiscus

"Mandarin Wind" Chinese Hibiscus

Visitors enjoying the flowers.