Saturday, September 21, 2019

Montreal Botanic Gardens 2019 b

The Montreal Botanic Gardens actually consist of more than 20 different gardens,
including the Rose Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, the English
Meadow, the Alpine Garden, the Monastic Garden, etc.

The English Meadow is a very large garden with lake and ponds and stream.  In spring,
this is where you see the tulips and daffodils and hyacinths.  In June the iris and peonies
bloom.  And in early September, it is the season of daylilies.

"Aztec Gold" Daylilies

"Strawberry Parfait" Stonecrop

"Bela Lugosi" Daylily

Black-eyed Susans and Magenta Gomphrena balls

"Challenger" Daylilies

"Challenger" Daylilies

"Yazoo Eye-catcher" Daylily

"Claret Wine" Daylily

"Aristocrat" Daylily

English Meadow, new footbridge, and in the background, the Alpine Garden.
They have created a garden solely of plants brought from the highest mountain ranges
in the world, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Rockies, the Atlas, etc.  They tend to be
very small and delicate to survive in such harsh conditions.

Footbridge from English Meadow to Alpine Garden

"Bicentennial Queen" Daylily

"Purple Panther" Daylily

"Lemonfellow" Daylily

"Humdinger" Daylily

There are six "exhibition gardens."  This one has all medicinal plants and
poisonous plants.  These are "Angel's Blush" white hydrangeas.

"Angel's Blush" Hydrangeas

This exhibition garden features new varieties of common flowers that people might like
to use in their gardens next year.  There is a number by each plant and you can jot them down.
Then at the entrance, there is a book with addresses of sources to buy seeds for each type.

These are new varieties of petunias and impatiens.

"Blueberry Shortcake" - a new variety of petunias

"Sky Blue Clematis" - new variety of popular climbing vine

New Varieties of Petunias and Zinnias

New Petunias

"Sincerity" - new dahlia
New varieties these days seem to emphasize flowers with several shades, rather
than all solid red or yellow or pink.

"Bella Maggiore XXXVI" - new dahlia which has not yet been named

"Bella Maggiore LXII" new pink variety of dahlia

"Crazytunia Spider Girl" new petunia

"Profusion Cherry Bi-color" Zinnia, a new variety in which every flower is different

Close-up of "Profusion Cherry Bi-color" petunia.  I like them.

"Red Hot Poker" Zinnias

A visitor in the Dahlia Garden

To be continued  .  .  .



Friday, September 13, 2019

Montreal Botanic Gardens 2019a

Last week I was in Montreal and had a chance to visit the Botanic Gardens, which
are very large and rich.  They were filled with late summer and early fall flowers.
This is the central portion of one of the Exhibition Gardens.

The entrance and fountains at the Montreal Botanic Gardens.

The "trees" are New Guinea Impatiens on top of metal poles.

New Guinea Impatiens trees, marigolds, dark green kale.

Impatiens trees, marigolds, decorative cabbage and kale.

"Subpatience Shell Pink New Guinea Impatiens."

"Shell Pink Impatiens," tall cannas, and light green sweet potato.

Entrance to the Rose Garden.  The large cranes are Chinese lanterns which are
lighted from inside at night as part of the Lantern Festival.
The Rose Garden has hundreds of varieties of roses and about 20 plants
of each variety so you can see what they look like in a garden.

"Lady Marian" Rose
This is one of the popular bi-color roses.

"Lady Marian" Roses

"Daphne" pink rose

"Dream Come True" Rose

"Peach Chiffon" Rose

"Lemon Sorbet" Rose

"Elina" hybrid tea rose

"Marie Antoinette" pink rose

"Rainbow Sorbet" grandiflora rose

"Lemon Drop" cluster roses

A visitor in the Rose Garden, with some crane lanterns.

The entrance to the Chinese Garden is marked by this weathered old stone.

"Lemon Ball" sedum made an interesting contrast in forms.

There is a large lake and several buildings in the Chinese Garden.

The fishermen are lanterns, filled with LED lights and illuminated at night.

A stone bridge and poet's shrine, white hydrangeas.

The Temple of the Winds sits high on a hill, and during September, the lake is covered
with lanterns in many shapes, fish, fishermen, birds, fantastic creatures.

One of the buildings has a courtyard with bonsai trees and a Moon Gate.
These trees are 45-75 years old.

A giant panda and two cubs are lanterns on the hill.

Chinese Golden Flower covered the hillside below the temple.

Blue Balloon Flowers

"Rain Lilies."  We have these in Florida.

Lilac and white Sweet Alyssum

The Japanese Garden and Pavilion also has a collection of bonsai trees.
This Japanese Pine is 100 years old.

The oldest tree in the collection is this 475 year old Japanese Pine.
It was a gift of a bonsai society in Japan.  It was planted while Columbus and
Michelangelo were alive.

To be continued .  .  .