Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wynwood Walls 2016

Kenny Scharf.  "Comic Creatures."  New York

Each year the Wynwood area / Art and Design Center just north of downtown Miami
sponsors a great international festival of graffiti art / urban murals. In an area filled
with warehouses and factories, there is a lot of wall space.  Fifty international graffiti
artists were invited to participate and assigned wall space, and another hundred "street
artists / urban artists / graffiti artists" applied for and were given wall space.

Eduardo Kobra.  "Yoko and John."  Brazil
All the walls are whitewashed in October each year, and then in November the artists come
and prepare their works for the opening of Art Basel and Art Miami the first week of
December.  The murals remain up for a year.  Above is part of a mural by "Kobra," which
runs for 150 feet and is 16 fee high.  That's a big painting.

Kobra.  "The Sword."  Continuation of 150 foot mural.

Kobra.  Continuation of 150 foot mural.  Brazilian
All of these artists have web pages with photos of many of their other works, if
you are interested.  They are prodigious in their productivity.

Kobra.  Continuation of the  150 foot mural.

Kobra.  "Stop Wars."  Brazil
This is a part of the 150 foot mural by Kobra.  Graffiti artists paint for a variety of
reasons - to entertain and delight, for the sheer fun of it, to send a message.
They are often opposed to war, pollution, destruction of the environment.  But they don' t
make a living painting murals; so they also paint on canvases and sell them or create
prints or sculpture.  They are all very versatile.

Crash.  "Girl and Tags."  New York
Crash is one of the most famous of the graffiti artists.  He is from New York and began
spray painting on walls and subway cars when he was 13.  These paintings are meant to
be seen, free, by anyone.  This is public art / community art, not private art.  The 50 invited 
artists have their expenses paid, but that is all.  This not about making money,
but about making art and making people happy.

Rubem Robierb.  "Butterfly."  Brazil
Robierb is both an internationally famous graffiti artist, but also a "fine arts" artists whose
works are highly sought after.  Like many of the graffiti artists, he has been invited to
countries all over the world, by national governments and municipal governments, and
private corporations, to paint large murals on public spaces.  He is famous for his butterflies.

   Lady Pink.   "Reclining Figure." New York
"Lady Pink" is one of the many female graffiti artists.  She and others work sometimes 
with sprays cans of paintg, but also with brushes and other materials.  These works
are carefully planned long in advance.

Logan Hicks.  "Cityscape."  New York
Logan is from Brooklyn and specializes in urban scenes.  He creates stencils to get
the crisp lines he needs, and then spray paints over them.  Some scenes take five layers
of stencils.  This scene is based on a view of New York which he saw one night
between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.

Ron English.  "Stag and Green Hulk."  Decatur, Illinois
This one of the most popular murals, and lots of people pose for pictures standing on the rock
This man is trying to take a selfie with the picture.

Alexis Diaz.  "Mastodon."  Puerto Rico.
Alexis Diaz is one of the most popular painters and most well known.  He has five murals
at the Wynwood Walls Exhibit.  A couple of his works, like this one, are so popular,  that
he repaints them each year, and people look forward to seeing them.  Others are new.
The triangle imposed in the center is a motif he frequently uses.  Many of the murals
are also indebted to science fiction for inspiration.

Marka 27.  "Woman Praying."  Mexican-American
Born in Juarez, Mexico, with a BFA from Boston, Victor now works in New York
both as graffiti artist and easel artist.  He is recognized as a leader in the Hispanic / Latino
art world.

Dasic Fernandez.  "Girl with Paint Drops."  Chile
Fernandez is widely known throughout Latin America and often uses multicolor
splashes as in this image.

JVH Design.  "The Wynwood Building."  New Zealand / Miami
JVH (John von Houten) is from New Zealand but is now in Miami and heads his own
design firm working with interior design as well as advertising.  The building was formerly
a mall, but the space is now used for a variety of creative purposes and has become
a symbol for Wynwood Walls.

Maya Hayuk.  "Pastel Cross-Hatching."  Brooklyn.
The mural is very popular and she has repainted it several years.  People love
to pose with this as the background.

Lakwena.  "I Remember Paradise."  London
Lakwena is a Black female artist in London and one of the most famous of the
graffiti artists; she almost always uses words in her works.  They offer both
visual pleasures as well as meanings.

Michael Ortiz / ILLSON.  "Sleeping Figure."  Cuba
Ortiz frequently creates large, horizontal figures 60-80 feet long.  He often signs
his name as a Japanese chop ILLSON.

Caratops.  " Vodka" and "Masques."
Caratops has painted "Masques" before, but with a different image to the left.

I don't know whether this wall was painted by one person or several.  Skulls and palm
trees are both popular images for street art in Florida.

Bryan Deese.  "Thanks, Mr. Mixx."  Miami
This was a tribute to a Miami music legend.

Zed 1.  "Charge My Heart."  Italian

Zed / Marco is a very popular Italian graffiti artist.  He had six murals in various
locations around Wynwood and Miami.  They combine fantasy and whimsy.
This is a wall 50 feet by 8 feet high.

Alexis Diaz of Puerto Rico and Faith 47 from South Africa.  "Nude with Serpent."
Graffiti artists will often work together on a project and share ideas and combine
techniques and specialties.  This is a huge figure.

Elizabetta Fantone.  "Basquiat and Warhol."  Canadian - Italian.
Elizabetta was born in Canada but raised in Italy.  Her murals are often polemical
and make comments about art. 

Elizabetta Fontane.  "Andy Warhol."  Canadian / Italian
Andy Warhol is here dressed in prison-orange uniform for committing
"crimes against art."

Haas and Hahn.  "Striped Deli."  Netherlands
Haas and Hahn are two of the most famous graffiti artists from Holland.  They have created
large murals all over the world.

Davel, Claudia LaBianca, Others.  "The Wynwood Coloring Book."  Miami
They have actually created a coloring book for adults based on the mural art of
Wynwood; it is available in several gift shops in Wynwood.

Interesni Kaski.  "Exotic DFlowers."  Ukrainian
"Interesi Kaski" actually means "fairy tales" and is made up of two men from Kiev in
Ukraine.  They are known throughout the world for their fanciful and playful murals.
For Wynwood they painted an entire building, all four sides, in a verdant green color, and
then added exotic flowers and small people inhabiting the flowers.

Interesni Kaski.  Close-up.  Ukrainian

Tatiana Suarez.  "Eve with Lizard."   New York
Tatiana Suarez is one of the most famous graffiti artists from New York.  She seems
to use several different names and often female themes.

Zosen and Mina Hamada.  "Tropical."  Japan
This is a husband and wife team that create murals around the world.

Mac Stewart.  "Three Masks."  Atlanta, Georgia
Mac is a 21 year old self-taught artist, the youngest of the Wynwood artists.

In the foreground is a Sea Serpent undulating through the lawn by Alexis Diaz.
In the back right is "Stag and Green Hulk" by Ron English, and in the center and left
at back is a 100 foot long mural by "The English Police," who live in Amsterdam.

This little house just off 29th Street is decorated with /crawling with giant insects.

Jennifer Becker.  "The Brick Bar"  Jacksonville, FL.
This is a mural painted about six feet behind a fence but visible from the sidewalk
 along 2nd Avenue N.W. which is the center of the mural district.  The car and man
 are painted.  The actual bar, with beer garden, is right behind the wall.
On her webpage, Jennifer explain how she applied for wall space and won it.  The
bar agreed to pay for her materials, and she went on-line GOFUNDME to ask
for donations to help pay her expenses.  She spent 127 hours over 2 weeks
completing the mural.

"Blue Bird and Pink Wall" were just two parts of many murals painted around a small
courtyard between several small houses.

"The Blue Bird and Graffiti."

"My Grandparents" stood alone on a wall beside an auto repair shop.

Zer 1.  "Zed 1's Theater."  Italian
This is a second of the popular Zed 1's / Marco murals.  It is pure fantasy, a huge goose
riding a sort of vehicle.  But the details, hyper-realism are amazing.

Jenna Morello.  "Blue Roses."  Brooklyn
Jenna has created similar roses in red and pink and orange and other colors
in other cities.  She has her studio in New York.

Cleon Peterson and Shepard Fairey.  "Running Man."  Los Angeles
These two men are two of the leading graffiti artists from the West Coast, with
international reputations and doing commissions all over the world.  This small
building was completely surrounded by parking lots and painted on all four sides
with these running men doing various things; all four walls are different.

"Deep Eddy Vodka" was a mural along 29th Street.




  1. Thanks for posting! What a wonderful exhibit of street art! (Being able to wander around looking at street art at this time of year looks specially inviting. It is currently -1 with -16 wind chill in River Falls right now.)

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