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Wynwood Walls 2016 Part 2

Entrance to the courtyards of Wynwood Walls.

There are five interlinking courtyards which begin here.  They were once huge parking lots
and are surrounded by one story buildings with huge areas of wall space and no windows.
There is also a cafe and snack bar.  Wynwood had been a run-down area with high crime
until nine years ago when Goldman Properties, which specializes in revitalizing older
areas arrived.  Tony Goldman believed art could bring a community together and
began the tradition of Wynwood Walls.

Shepard Fairey.  "Chrysanthemums and Preacher."  Los Angeles
Shepard Fairey is one of the leaders in the L.A. graffiti scene.  If you have ever traveled 
on an L.A. freeway or through many districts in town, you know how rich
the tradition is.

Some walls are purely abstract art, using simply line and color, while others
are from the Hyper-Realistic style.
Wynwood Walls has been very successful, and these days there are large numbers of
tourists visiting every day of the year.  Tourist buses go up and down the streets, cars
cruise, tour groups following leaders with raised umbrellas walk around, and
 golf-cart-tours abound.  Many of the tourists are foreign, and you hear more French, 
German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages than you do English.

Michael Vasquez and Jose Felix Perez.  "The Foundry."  Cuba
Vasquez and Perez work in a hyper-realistic style.  You an almost feel the heat from
the smelting furnace and want to step back to avoid the sparks.

Inti.  "Codo a Codo."  Chile
Inti is one of the most famous Chilean graffiti artists.  He often works with folklore
and myth.  This golden orange color is a keynote of his works; it is used in almost
all of his paintings.

Evoca1.  The Bullfighter."  Dominican Republic.
Evoca1 (Elio Marcado) was born in the Dom. Rep. in 1984; he now lives in Miami.
He first started painting in Wynwood several years ago when the Toro Shoe Co., makers
of exotic sneakers, hied him to decorate their offices and workspace in Wynwood.
The name suggested "bull," and he has done several murals of various sizes for the store.

Chanoir.  "Fairy Shoe Store."  Barcelona
Although born in Spain, he graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and lives
there now.  He has worked in many countries and is very famous.  He works only at
night to protect his identity.  His works are characterized by number and density of images.

Chanoir.  Side wall to "Fairy Shoe Store."  Spanish / French.
The major area of murals in one either side of 2nd Avenue NW between 29th Street
and 22nd Street.  But you must walk three blocks to either side of 2nd Avenue also.

"Oculto Tequila Staves" was the type of mural using a skull, a repeated pattern,
and meticulous detail.

RETNA.  "Calligraphy."   Los Angeles

RETNA (Marquis Lewis) is a West Coast artist, part of the very rich graffiti scene
in Los Angeles.  He is fascinated by various styles of writing - hieroglyphics, Arabic,
Old Gothic - and he combines the various forms.

Wes21 and Onur.  "Gloved Hand and Ship."  Switzerland
These two men are two of the most famous graffiti artists from Switzerland.  Wes21
is from Biel, near Basel, and Onur is from Zurich.  They have created large murals all
over the world.  They combine hyper-realism with fantasy, as in this mural.

Dabs and Myla.  "Comic Heroes."  Australia
Dabs and Myra are a husband and wife team from Melbourne, Australia.  They have
created murals in cities all over the world.  They have now moved to Los Angeles,
but they are usually traveling.  They often use figures from comics.

Okuda.  "Face with Turban."  Okuda
Okuda is another graffiti artist from Spain, who has painted many murals in
Europe and North Africa, often brilliantly colored, faceted faces like this one.
His face of "Mother Theresa" is very famous.

How and Nosm.  "A Long Story."  Germany
These are twin brothers from Germany who have a style using black and white
drawing in highly complex scenes.  They have used this wall in the courtyard for
several years with different images, although similar in style.  Fantasy and science fiction.

How and Nosm.  " A Long Story."  left side    Germany

How and Nosm.  "A Long Story."  right side    Germany

Cryptik.  "Persian Carpet Patterns."  Los Angeles
Cryptik is one of the leading Los Angeles artists, with a style often employing
meticulous detail and repeated patterns, like this one.

Findac.  "Butterfly Girl."  Ireland.
Findac is from Cork, Ireland, and has worked all over the world.  He usually paints
female beauty, often a Pan-Asian woman.  On this mural ,there is a very fine net
 hanging several inches in front of the mural, and the butterflies are attached to it.
 They move in the wind, and you can't see the fine mesh of the net,
so they seem alive and active.

Case.  "Dancing Fingers."  Germany
Case is one of the most famous German graffiti artists, and this mural, highlighting
one of the major walls facing the largest courtyard, has been painted for several years
and is particularly beautiful.

El Seed.  "Arabic Calligraphy."  French-Tunisian.
El Seed is a 35 year old man from Paris, of Tunisian background, who learned Arabic
calligraphy at the age of 18.  He found the patterns beautiful and the poetry enchanting.
He has painted commissions all over the world, espousing peace and love.
Shading makes the black lines appear three dimensional.  You can see images
of many of his murals on the internet.  These are verses from a 3rd c. philosopher.

David Walker.  "Woman with Flowing Hair."  London
Walker frequently paints faces with explosive color, using both spray cans and brushes.
Like all graffiti artists, he does not earn a living painting murals - he does it out of love
 and fascination.  He earns a living by painting traditional format oil canvases, although
with his own unique imagery.

Txemy and Mura.  "Lady and Dove."  Barcelona
Txemy Mur is a famous Spanish graffiti artist who creates very complex works
with infinite space and many objects.

Txemy and Mura.  "Face and Checkerboard."  Spanish

"Woman's Head and Graffiti"


Fin Dac and Kevin Ledo.  "Two Sun Goddesses."  Ireland
The two Irish graffiti artists decided to work together on a mural, using a common
subject but separate approaches.  Fin DAC did the figure on the left, and Ledo did the
one on the right.  I was told that is real gold leaf they applied for halos.

"The London Police" mural - right side
The London Police are two Englishmen who enjoy traveling and painting.  So they
spend their time traveling the world and painting murals, freely or on commission.
They often use these small figures as their major characters.  They currently live 
in Amsterdam when not traveling.

London Police Mural - little men

London Police.  "Little Men."  English in Amsterdam.

CP1  "Peering Eyes"  Chile / Miami
CP1 (Claudio Picasso) grew up in Chile but now resides and works in Miami.

Pixel Pancho.  "The Birdcage."  Italian
Pixel frequently uses robotic figures and vegetation in his murals.

Santiago Rubino.  "Hall of Two Truths."  Argentina
Rubino, like many of these street artists, earns his living by painting oil paintings on
canvas and selling them.  He also produces lithographs and other prints.  These
three sell very well, and he often creates in sets of three.  These images are in the
main central courtyard, where black frames have been built around niches.

"Ship with Hull-Face of Neptune"
Another mural in the central courtyard.  The courtyards are lighted at night for 
tourists, the restaurants are open, they have musicians playing in several of the
courtyards, and they sometimes have yoga classes in the quiet of the evening.
This is one of Miami's major tourist attractions these days.

Decertor.  "Introspection."  Peru
Daniel Cortez-Torres chose his nickname because he "deserted" art school in order to
become a street artist.  He has created many huge murals in Lima and other Peruvian
cities, all emphasizing a Native Peruvian.  He began by creating murals for murdered
gang members in Lima.  The image looks like a woven Inca tunic.

"Art and Sol" Studio featured many mask-like faces.  It would appear to be the work
of a local street artist.  The Wynwood Walls Project has brought great attention and
masses of tourists to the area.  There are now many artists' studios and art galleries 
and restaurants in the area.

"Art and Sol" close-ups of multi-national customers in the shop.

A roll-up garage door was exuberantly painted.

A very large wall with several images.  The number of paintings this year was the
greatest ever.  They say about 150 in total, but I suspect there are many more than
that, by artists not registered with the project but interested.

"Princess and Fairy Palace" had several sections.  Some artists, like this one, prefer
basically black and white, while others like brilliant color.

"Big Bad Wolf" was on the side wall of a school playground.


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