Monday, October 21, 2013

Longwood Ga

Longwood  Gardens
near Philadelphia

A beds of bright tulips.  What is more cheerful on a spring day?


Poppy Anemones
Bed of Mixed Tulips.

 Yellow Tulips

 Deep Pink Tulips

 Pale Pink Tulips

 White Tulips

Star Magnolia Trees 

White Mongolian Magnolia Tree

A branch of magnolia blossoms.

"Pink Pearl" hyacinths with wonderful aroma. 

"Delft Blue" hyacinths.

Cream colored camellia

Forsythia hedge and daffodils.

Pink and white tulips.

Purple and white tulip.

 Bed of orange tulips.

 "Bella Donna" tulips.

 Sunken garden with daffodils, blue hyacinths, and yellow Icelandic poppies.

Yellow Icelandic Poppies

Orange Icelandic Poppy

Ornamental Flowering Cherry tree

Another Ornamental Flowering Cherry Tree (with bride).  They were
all over the gardens.

Bed of yellow daffodils.

White and yellow daffodils

Double yellow daffodils.  The gardens had 58 varieties of daffodils in bloom.

White grape hyacinths

Reflecting pool and ornamental flowering cherry trees.

Two yellow ranunculus


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