Monday, October 21, 2013

Chicago Botanic Sp

Chicago Botanic Gardens

This year, spring came very late to Chicago, so we got to experience the
flowers of early spring at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
These are some of the 500,000 daffodils planted all around the gardens.

 There were lots of "English Daisies" in many parts of the gardens.
These were in the Heritage Garden.

Pink and white English daisies. 

 Pink English Daisy

Pocketbook Plant

 Yellow Pocketbook Plant

Jewel of Madeira / Echium - gorgeous, glowing, iridescent blue

 Blue Chionodoxa / Glory of the Snows

White Chionodoxa / Glory of the Snows

Waterfall Tulips - hundreds of these were growing along the waterfall

Waterfall Tulips

Very pale pink / white Gerbera Daisies
Behind the Regenstein Exhibition hall and Conservatories is a large covered
terrace overlooking the lake.  It is used for wedding receptions, and all the
flowers around the terrace are always white.

"Mona Lisa" Poppy Anemone

Painted Tongue / Salpiglossis

Pink Painted Tongue / Salpiglossis

Yellow Painted Tongue / Salpiglossis

Pale Blue Scilla / Squill
Masses of these beautiful little blue flowers covered hillsides.


Hillside of daffodils and broom flowers in yellow.

Double yellow and white daffodils.

Yellow Primrose / Primula

Pink Primrose / Primula

Cretan Snow Crocus

Yellow Ranunculus / Persian Buttercup
The Botanic Gardens specializes in ranunculus, and the spring show always
displays hundreds in amazing brilliant colors.

Pink Ranunculus

Orange Ranunculus

Blue Greek Anemones make a great contrast.

Bed of Pansies

Lavender Hyacinths

Red Tulips

Red and White Parrot Tulips

I hope you are enjoying a colorful spring also.


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  1. Eye opening pics, John.
    All so refreshing after our very late spring up here near the Twin Cities.