Thursday, February 22, 2018

Palm Beach Modern 3

Durban and Segnini Gallery of Latin American Art in Miami.

Pablo Atchugarry.  "Two White Marble Pieces."  Uruguay.
Atchugarry works six months of the year at the Carrara marble quarry in Italy,
and the other six months in Uruguay.

Fernando de Szyszlo.  "Ancient Ritual."   Died 2017.  Surrealism   Peru.
De Szyszlo was the greatest of Peruvian artists; he died a few months ago.

Fernando de Szyszlo.   "Ancestral Dreams."    Surrealism.  Peru

Pablo Atchugarry.  "Victory."  Bronze.  Uruguay.

Manuel Felguerez.  "Untitled."  Mexico.  92 years old.
Felguerez is considered the greatest of living Mexican artists.

Manuel Felguerez.  "Untitled."  Mexico.

Omar Rayo.  "Red and Black."  Colombia.   Jaildo Marinho.  "Totem."  Brazil/Paris.

Front - William Barbosa.   Colombia / Venezuela.  Aluminum.
Back - Manolo Valdes.  "Woman with Hat."  Spain.  Wood.

Two pieces by William Barbosa.  "Woman's Head and Hat" by Manolo Valdes.  Spain.

Pedro Figari.  "Man Walking."  Uruguay.

Arnoldo Pomodoro.  "Broken Sphere."  Bronze.  Italy.

Durban Segnini Gallery in Miami.  William Barbosa.  Colombia / Venezuela.
Right - Jesus Rafael Soto.  "Untitled."  Venezuela.  Op Art

Damien Hirst.  "Spin Painting."  England.

Ai Wei-wei.  "Four Coloured Paintings."  China.

Bridget Riley.  "Green Dominant."  Op Art.  England.

Bridget Riley.  "Two Blues."  Silkscreen.  England.  Op Art.

Keith Haring.  "Sausage Man."  Graffiti Art.  U.S.  He died at 32.

Keith Haring.  "Barking Dogs."  U.S.  Graffiti Art.

Pierre Soulages.  "Untitled."  France.

Zhuang Hong Yi.  "Blossoms."  Rice Paper.  China.

Zhuang Hong Yi.  "Blossoms."  close-up.  It is a different color from left, center, and right.

Zhuang Hong Yi.  "Pink Blossoms."  China.  3 Different paintings when viewed from
different perspectives.  Rice Paper hand dyed.

Carlos Cruz-Diez.  "Physiochromie."  Venezuela.  Op Art.  3 Different painting.
Aluminum strips.  Each side of the strip is painted a different color, so as you walk by,
the image changes color before your eyes.

Spar Street.  "Communion."  Stainless Steel.

Paul Rousso.  "Arts Section of New York Times."  Polystyrene.   4x6 feet
Heated and shaped.

Paul Rousso.  "Style Section of New York Times."  Plastic sheet.   4x6 feet
Heated and Shaped.

Will Kurtz.  "Frank Sinatra."  Newspaper Papier Mache.

Donald Martiny.    "Brushstroke."   Polymer on Aluminum.

Donald Martiny.  "Brushstroke" and Metis Atash.   "Punk Buddhas."

Robert Motherwell.  "Blue and Tan."  U.S.  Ab Exp

Robert Motherwell.  "Homage to Jules Verne."  U.S.  Ab Exp

Robert Motherwell.  "M."  Collage.  U.S.

Hendrick Kerstens.  "Blue Turban."  Photo.  Dutch.
The model is his daughter, and the pose is taken from famous 17th century
Dutch paintings, in this case Vermeer.

Hendrick Kerstens.  "Pink Veil."  Photo.  Dutch.

Elise Wehle.  "The Garden."  Paper cut-out.  Provo, Utah.  Several Layers.

"Autumn in the Forest."  Several layers of paper cut-outs.  Provo, Utah.

Raymond Hendler.  "Kami."  U.S.

Tom Wesselmann.  "Monica at Mirror."  Laser-cut steel.  U.S.  Pop Art.

Tom Wesselmann.  "Monica and Mondrian."  U.S.  Pop Art.


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