Thursday, November 16, 2017

Circle Garden

The "Circle Garden" is one of the showplaces in the Garden, and so it was devoted to
"Brazil in Chicago."  With all the tropical vegetation, you would not know you were in
North America.  There were palm trees and banana trees and papyrus and many other
tropical plants.

"Charlie Stromanthe" was a very colorful and large plant that was used in a number
of places; it is related to the ginger plant.

Here are Christmas Palms, papyrus, "Orange Punch" Cannas, and "Miagos Grass."

The pond and fountains are surrounded by Miagos, Palms, and Cannas.

The corners of the court had Bismarck Palms, Miagos, Bananas, Bromeliads, Cannas,
and dark-leaved Tradescantia.

"Brazilian Spider Plant" had crests of blue and soft, velvety leaves.  We call it Tibouchina
in South Florida.  Behind it is a large variety of Papyrus.

On either side of the main courtyard are two "secret gardens" entered through arches
adorned with Blue "Thunbergia Flowers."  In the center are three pillars of wood,
on which are growing various kinds of Bromeliads.  Larger Bromeliads are growing 
in the ground.

Bromeliads of many sizes and colors and types.

Another corner of the courtyard in the Circle Garden, with Tradescantia, Miagos,
Bismarck Palms, "Orange Punch" Cannas, Banana Trees, and Bromeliads.

One side of the Circle Garden.

"Furry Pink Bolivian Sage."

Close-up of flower on "Furry Pink Bolivian Sage"

The "Chrysanthemum Bed" had many kinds of mums.  These are "Purple Pom-poms."

"Orange Pom-pom Mums."

"Yellow Football Mums."

"Pretty Lady Pink Japanese Anemones"

"Red Guernsey Lilies" in the "Lily Bed."

"Red Neck Girl Salvia / Sage."  (I don't know why; they are quite yellow.)

"Red Neck Girl Sage," "Intense Red Coleus," and "Yellow Ornamental Peppers."

West Entrance to the Regenstein Building, which is he center of the Gardens.  This is
where the library is located, three greenhouses are attached, and there are various
rooms for meetings and displays, like the Illinois Orchid Society Show and Sale,
which occurred while we were there.  These are a variety of Brazilian Plants: Agave, Palm, 
Elephant Ears, Bromeliads, and Bananas.

The Orchid Show included competitions and prizes, as well as displays, and lots of
orchids for sale.  Blue ribbons are for first prizes.

A copper and orange Cattleya orchid.

A branch of purple and white Phalaenopsis orchids.

A large lavender and yellow orchid.

A display of orchids.

Lavender and purple cattleya orchids.

A very unusual wine, peach, and yellow orchid.  There are more varieties of
orchids in the world than any other flower.

A branch of purple and pink Phalaenopsis.

An orchid display.

White Phalaenopsis orchids.

Yellow and lavender orchids.

Goodbye for 2017 from the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Have a happy and colorful fall.



  1. Amazing colors and shapes, John. Quite a treat to our No. Wisc. eyes....full of grey and darkening skies.

  2. Dear Dr. Buschen,
    Thank you for the lovely tour!
    - Sue