Monday, August 22, 2016

Montreal Botanic Garden

This week I am in Montreal visiting the Botanic Gardens. which are flowering
at their fullest in late summer.  There is a special garden for these
Rose Mallows / Swamp Mallows, which are wild flowers which grow very large.
This is a Double Pink Rose Mallow, which is about 10" in diameter.
These are cousins of the Rose-of-Sharon and Hibiscus.

Dinner Plate White Rose Mallow is 12" in diameter.   "Annette B"

The Montreal Botanic Garden is one of the finest and largest botanic gardens in the world.
It consists of 75 acres on the northeast side of the city, across from the Olympic Park.
There are more than 22,000 different species of plants growing here in more than thirty
thematic gardens, including the Chinese Garden and Lake, the Japanese Garden, the
Rose Garden, the Waterlily Garden, the Alpine Garden, the Vegetable Garden, the
Garden of Poisonous Plants, and many more.

"Joyce G" - Cherry Red Rose Mallow is 10" in diameter.

"Fluffy" - White Rose Mallow with Red Center, about 9" in diameter.

"Aunt Irene" - Pink Frilled Rose Mallow, about 8 " in diameter.

Black-Eyed Susans

Snow Crest White Hydrangeas
Montreal seemed to use hydrangeas of many kinds all over the city.

Clusters of Snow White Hydrangeas

"Pinky Winky" pink hydrangeas.

"Chloe" - Red and White Gladiolus

"White Cosmos"   Big blossoms and feathery leaves.

Pink and Magenta Cosmos

"Feather Top Daisies."  An unusual variety.

"White Strawflowers."   The plants are native to Australia, but have become 
very popular in the U.S> The flowers always look very crisp, almost like 
little explosions of white.

Yellow Strawflowers with ochre or orange centers.

Pink and Purple Strawflowers

Pale Blue Balloon Flowers.  The buds swell up like balloons before the petals pop open.

"Pink Champagne" tuberous begonias.  The Gardens have lots of hanging pots of
begonias all along the covered walkways.

Pale Pink Phlox

A large head of Pink Phlox

White Hydrangea hedge with orange marigolds

"Harlequin Blue Flag" Iris.  This flower is the symbol of Quebec on their flag.

Coral Zinnia

"Aztec Sun" golden dahlia

"Lemon Burst" - Yellow  Dahlia

"Naomi" - Pink  and  White  Dahlia

"Duchess of Cambridge" - Pink  and  White  Dahlias

"Orange Popsicle" -   Frilled Dahlia

"Anamary"  Dahlia

"Frothy" - Peach  Dahlia

Peppermint Patty" -  Shrub Verbena

"Aloysius" -  Shrub Verbena

"Madame Bovary" - Pale Peach Rose
The Montreal Botanic Gardens have a very large Rose Garden with hundreds
of varieties and color, from mini-roses to tea roses, climbing roses, fragrant roses, etc.

"Queen Matilda" - Red and White Rose

"Grandma's" - Pink Roses

"Diaphanous" - Yellow Rose

"Susie Z" - Pink Coneflowers

White Coneflowers

"Kathy S' -  Water Peony in Chinese Garden
The Gardens also have a number of ponds which have hundreds of water lilies
and lotus in every color and size growing in them.

"Miss Marion" - Pink Spider Flower / Cleome

I' m having a wonderful time; it is a great place to visit.
Tomorrow I'm off to the Museum of Fine Arts to see two special exhibits.

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual walk through the Gardens with me.


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