Sunday, May 15, 2016

Garden Walk at Longwood

One of the most beautiful display areas in Longwood Gardens is the Garden Walk,
which is a path a quarter of a mile long lined on both sides with huge beds of flowers,
which at this time of the year are tulips.

The western end of the Garden Path is anchored by this lovely terrace with four
beautiful flowering dogwood trees.

Dogwood Blossoms.
The flowers along the Garden Walk show the rainbow of colors from deep purple and blue
to lavender and pink, then the Circular Fountain, and then the red, orange, yellow, and
white flowers.  It is quite spectacular.

The western end begins with beds of "Purple Dream" and "Queen of the Night" tulips.
"Purple Dream," when backlit by the sun, becomes wonderfully translucent.

"Queen of the Night" and "Purple Dreams"

These beds give way to beds of "Blue Diamond" peony-tulips and "Zurel Tulips" (white with
purple stripes.  They are called peony-tulips because their many petals and large size
make them look more like peonies than tulips.

"Blue Diamond" and "Zurel" tulips.

"Blue Diamond" and "Zurel" tulips.  Every time you photograph them in a slightly
different light, they become different flowers.

"Blue Diamond" peony-tulips.

Purple "Columbine."  In the past, columbine were small, dainty, nearly wild flowers.
This is a new hybrid, five inches in diameter, and very dramatic.

In the foreground are the lilac "Synaeda Amor" tulips.  The plants are only about 8 inches high,
but the blossoms are wonderfully consistent.

"Synaeda Amor" tulips combining pink, purple, lavender, lilac, and white.
Backlit, they were spectacular.

"Thalia" White Narcissus were tall and profuse in bloom and formed a great backdrop
for the "Synaeda Amor" tulips.

"Thalia" White Narcissus

Close-up of "Thalia" White Narcissus

"Blue Columbine"

A "Blue Columbine" blossom.

"Double Blue Poppy Anemones"

And then we move on into the pinks.  In this bed are "Virichic" (pale green with pink)
and "Pink Impressions" (pink, rose, and white).

"Pink Impressions" and "Virichic" tulips.

"Virichic Tulips" (green, white, and pink) and "Pink Impressions Tulips"
(pink, rose, and white).

"Pink and White Dianthus"

"Angelique" are very large, pink-and-white double late tulips.
These are eight inches scross.

A gorgeous "Angelique" double tulip with subtle veils of pink and white.

Three "Angelique" tulips.

The next pink tulips were the "Pink Diamonds" with colors like facets on a precious stone.
Backlit, you can see pink, rose, and white color in the petals.

"Pink Diamong Tulips"

"Pink Diamond Tulips" with "Thalia White Narcissus" in back.

"Pink Diamond Tulips"

"Thalia White Narcissus"

At the midway point of the Garden Walk is the Circular Fountain, surrounded by purple
wallflowers.  This is looking north past beds of white tulips and "Accent" white

Just south of the Circular Fountain is the overlook to the Sunken Garden,
which was surrounded by daffodils (the first day I was there).

This is from the south side of the Sunken Garden looking back and up to the
Circular Fountain.

"Chromacolor" narcissus with large orange cups.

As soon as flowers begin to wilt, they are removed and plants which have been growing in
the greenhouses are brought in at night or early morning.  If you only visit the Gardens
one time, you are not aware of it.  But because I was there several days, I saw entire beds
and gardens change flowers overnight.  On my third day here, all of these daffodils were gone
and the Sunken Garden was filled with Yellow and Orange "Icelandic Poppies," all of
which were mature and in full bloom.  Amazing!

"Icelandic Poppies" - "Orange Champagne Bubble"
"Icelandic Poppies" grow on thin, wire-like stems to about 14 inches and float
 like a champagne bubble on top.

"Icelandic Poppies"  -  "Yellow Champagne Bubble"

Tall stems of "Foxglove / Digitalis" and lower "Icelandic Poppies.

The "Grande Allee"  -  the path south of the Sunken Garden,
lined with White Narcissus and variegated "Foxglove."

Tall Foxglove and White Narcissus

Foxglove and Narcissus.


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