Sunday, September 6, 2015

Longwood Gardens in Summer

Last week I visited Longwood Gardens outside Philadelphia.  There are 1,077 acres of
gardens of many kinds.  These are the "Trial Gardens," sixteen plots 6 x 16 feet,
planned by different staff members and using only ordinary garden flowers.  They were
 splendid.  You can copy the plan and have this beautiful bed in your yard next summer.

This garden was entitled "Tropical Frieze," and looks like pineapple (coleus), shaved coconut
 (wax begonias and dusty miller), and red Passion fruit (caladiums).

"Pineapple Sun" Coleus - a new variety

"Lantana" - Tutti Frutti

"Redhead."  This garden could be seen from a hundred yards away; the red color is brilliant.  
This is a new variety of coleus called "Redhead." 

"Redhead"  Coleus

A pink and white garden with pink caladium and white alyssum.

Pink Verbena.  Verbena comes in many colors and is used in a number of the beds.

 "Mystic Dreamer" Dahlia.  This has very dark foliage, so it makes a good contrast 
with other plants.  It is also a prolific bloomer.

Mystic Dreamer Dahlia, with dark leaves and stems

A garden with lime green coleus, red salvia, papyrus. and orange cannas for height.

Blue scaevola, white alyssum, lime coleus, and black leaved sweet potato.

Blue Scaevola  /  Fairy Fans

"Yellow Hammer" dahlia with very dark foliage, prolific bloomer.

The black leaves are "Sweet Caroline Bewitched" sweet potato, and the creamy pale
 chartreuse is licorice.  It makes an interesting combination in a large pot.

"Peach Parfait" large dahlia; this is a tall one.

"Swallowtail" Coleus.  This is a new variety and quite dramatic.

"Orange Popsicle" Canna and "Zahara Orange" Zinnias.

"White Datura," from the Nightshade family.

"White Datura," a beautiful large snowy white flower.

"Yellow Hammer"Dahlias with dark green, almost black foliage.

Garden with lime green coleus and orange cannas, Conservatory in back.

Lime-green Coleus, a new variety

Begonias, Caladiums, Coleus, and Dusty Miller

Pink Cosmos, with feathery light-green foliage

Lime-green coleus, Sedona Sunset red coleus, Purple Giant Hyssop, and dark leaved cannas 

Pineapple Sun Coleus

New Zahara Orange Zinnias

Zahara Orange Zinnias

Pale green sweet potato vine, Zahara Orange zinnias, Alocasia Elephant Ears,
and Orange Popsicle Cannas.

Yellow Hammer Dahlias, Sedona Sunset Coleus, and decorative grasses

Sedona Sunset Coleus

Several Trial Gardens and Conservatory beyond.

Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper 

Several Trial Gardens

White Verbena, low plant

On the fence as the edge of the garden, Clematis climbing vines are grown.
This is "Blue Delight Clematis."

"Precious Pink" Clematis climbing vine.

"Dutch Sky" Clematis climbing vine.

When the Clematis flower petals die and fall off, they leave a "floral skeleton,"
which is quite interesting and beautiful.

Clematis floral skeleton

The Horseless Carriage Club of America was meeting while I was there, and there were
cars like this all over.  Groups of them went sightseeing to various locations each day/

A splendid horseless carriage with brass fittings polished and leather seats.
I think I would like this one.


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