Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wynwood Murals 2017 c

Sipros.  "Tongue."  Brazilian Street Artist.
This kid with his tongue stuck out has been here a couple of years, but repainted, and
is very popular.

Sipros.  "Boy."  Brazil and "Native Warrior"  by Apitatan from Ecuador.
The image of the boy here is right across the street from "Tongue."

Apitatan.  "Warrior in Canoe."  Quito, Ecuador, street artist.

Sipros.  "Winged Hero."  Brazil. and the Bushwick Collective.

"Quicksilver."  It looks like a statue and reflection, but it is really a flat wall painting.
Right next to "Boy with Tongue."

"Underwater Girl."  The name of the artist is at the bottom right.

"Face and Hands"

Cloe Hakakian.  "Women Skeletons I."  I think this is Queen Elizabeth and Wonderwoman.
Cloe lives in Los Angeles and does a lot with skeletons.

Cloe Hakakian.  "Women Skeletons."  On the left is Frida Kahlo and right Jackie Kennedy.
After the glamour and makeup are gone, this is what they will look like.  Los Angeles.
The total mural goes on for half a block.

Sonny Sundancer.  "The Polar Bear."  20 x 60 feet.  It's huge and marvelous.
Sonny is a self-taught British born artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
He specializes in very large, very realistic animals, often from Africa.

Arlin Graff.  "The Wolf" is 20 feet high.  Brazil.
The polar bear is on the wall around the left.

"Candy Pattern Wall."

Ola Volo.  "The Horse and Bird."  Kazikstan / Canadian.
It looks partly like the prehistoric paintings of the Spotted Horses of Pech Merle in
France, but also like Ukrainian folk art.  Ms Volo is a Canadian artist from Kazikstan,
and she creates many murals with folk art motives.  Many of her works can be found on
the internet.  10 feet high.

Cobra.  "Paper Dolls."  Brazil.
Cobra is one of the most famous and prolific artists in Wynwood.  He has been painting
murals here since the beginning in 2009.  This is the 2017 production.

Bushwick Collective.    "Scream" and "Jumble."  Group from New York.
The Bushwick Collective is a group from New York that always comes to Wynwood
and paints a number of murals, some with strong political messages.

This garage had a mural promoting Wynwood, but different, last year.

Studio Flop.  "The Hunter and the Chief." Brazil.
This mural wraps all around two large walls and has many figures and plants.
The colorful style has been on show in Wynwood for several years.
His real name is Fabio Panone Lopez, and his murals can be found all over Europe,
South America, and the U.S.  He also decorated the interior of the Wynwood Bar and Grill,
which is just to the left of the mural.

Studio Flop.  "The Jungle Hunter and Vines."  Brazil.

Studio Flop / Fabio Panone Lopez.  "Owl Butterfly."

This is part of a huge mural which wraps around two walls of the outside of the
Wynwood Cafe and Lounge, which is a great place to eat and has lots of Fabio's artworks
inside, some for sale.

Studio Flop.  "Tropical Flower."  Brazil.

Studio Flop.  "The Tropical House."  Brazil.
This very colorful mural is on the other side of Wynwood, alongside a parking lot.

This mural of flowers in the rain wraps all around the four sides (actually more) 
of a mall which occupies half a block.

Beautiful mural of creative calligraphy.

Chayavv.  "The Great Bird."  This is on the front of a small dress shop.

The entire wall of this design studio is covered with a pattern of tag graffitit.

"The Big Bad Wolf."

Kobra.  "Dali" and "Jean-Michel Basquiat"  Brazil.

Weerdo.  "Gorillaz."  Los Angeles.

Apitatlan. "Vodka."  Ecuador.   and  Caratoes.  "Masks." From Belgium, lives in Hong Kong.

Adrian Avila.  "The Blue Whale" on the wall of a repair shop is well known.  Cuba / Miami.

Villainous.  Some artists design in purely abstract terms, with neither words nor
pictures.  He is from New York.

Zedi.  "Charge My Heart."  was made last year.

"Reclining Muse."

An abstract wall in color, plus part of the entire block of offices for
Wynwood Properties in black and white stripes across the street.

David Guadarrama.  "Big Time."  Puerto Rico.
This area was once filled with small clothing factories and shops.  There is still
one street which is lined with small clothing stores for various specialty items.

Tucked into a small couryard/parking lot are two beautiful new abstract murals
by Jeff Quinn.   There is a very large showroom to the left showing contemporary
furniture and many canvas paintings by Mr. Quinn.

Bushwick Collective.  "Fruit Lady."  New York.
This was one of several murals they had along this street.

Bushwick Collective."  "Come on . . . What the Hell do You Have to Lose?"
This is a gigantic mural more than 100 feet long and 20 feet high painted by
many artists.  It has a strong political message.

Bushwick Collective.  "Come on . . . What the Hell"  New York
Center detail of monster strangling the Statue of Liberty.

"Blue Dream."

D*Face.  "Is the Answer LOVE?"  British
Dean Stockton is a British artist who makes huge comic-strip images of emotional
scenes.  They often take up entire walls.

D*Face.  "Lip Lock."  British.
Dean Stockton from England.



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